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Hosts! Download our National Solar Tour Host Promotion Toolkit to find ideas and resources for spreading the word about your solar open house.

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National Solar Tour Listserv

The National Solar Tour listserv provides a space for solar owners hosting open houses on the National Solar Tour to share ideas, questions, and lessons learned around hosting a great solar open house. This listserv is also a space for folks interested in volunteering their help at an open house to connect with with open house hosts who are looking for support at their events.



When posting to the listserv, please indicate in the subject line of your post, whether your are posting:
  1. A question or idea for open house hosts;
  2. A request for volunteer support at your open house; or
  3. An offer to volunteer your help at an open house in your area
*Please also be sure to list your location (at least state, if not town and state)*