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Across the country, homeowners, community leaders, and ASES chapters are the incredible forces and faces behind the National Solar Tour’s success. We tip our hats to these individuals who, for more than two decades, have brought hundreds of thousands of people together to tour tens of thousands of residential, business and community solar sites.

Louisville solar bike tourHost a tour and have an impact

Tour organizers and homeowners demonstrate immense leadership in their communities by sharing today’s renewable energy solutions with tomorrow’s enthusiasts and customers. By bringing simple energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy technologies to light, they have an immediate and positive effect.

We’ll provides all the tools and resources necessary to get a tour started in your community. The 2018 National Solar Tour Organizer’s Toolkit includes all of the resources you need to get started.

New this year



This year ASES and Solar United Neighbors are teaming up to help make this year’s tour the largest ever!

Building on the incredible success of two decades of the National Solar Tour, this year we’re shooting for the moon: turning out over 50,000 participants in all 50 states for the 2018 National Solar Tour.

To do this, though, we need to know how many people participate in the Tour (either as hosts or as attendees). We’ve launched a National Solar Tour map and are providing every open house host with an individual link that people can use to RSVP, along with sign in sheets to have out during the event. At the end of the Tour, we’ll be able to share how many hosts and attendees participated in the Tour, as well as follow up with attendees after the tour to keep connecting them with solar information and opportunities. This will amplify our collective impact like never before!

Local tour organizers: once you’ve identified sites for your local tour, please contact to get your sites added to the map and sign your hosts up to receive updates, their RSVP links, and printed resources.

Questions? Contact with any organizer questions.

For local tour organizers

  • Please send the 2018 NST Press Release (in Toolkit) to your news and radio stations soon. 
  • The toolkit has 2018 Sponsor Packages to find additional local or national sponsorship. You can adjust the rates as you see fit.
  • Our tour organizing calls are underway. Please contact if you would like to be included.  Please don’t forget to send us your local tour contact email and/or website information so we can publicize it.
  • You can download the National Solar Tour Logo below for your use in promotional materials, on your website, or in emails:
  • It is recommended that local tours obtain event insurance. Here is a broker that we like: Walterry InsuranceBrokers, 800-638-8791

Contact for more information on organizing a local tour.